Minutes 10/8/2013

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EPPC Unofficial Meeting 10/8/13

Present: Naftali Moed, Kelly Kong, Ian Lee, Alex Abu-Hakima, Marissa Ayala, Tiffany Hsieh, Andrew Musca, Jessie Chen, Melissa Gjerde

Absent: Phillip Tran

Members of the Public: Amy Wang, Kabir Kapur, Bradley Bottoms

Guest Presenters

Shanna , Nutrition and Harvest Garden Assistant, located at wellness center

  • Requesting funding for UC Davis Voucher program
  • Funded through EPPC last year for $500 for whole academic year
    •  Also funded by EPPC in 2009
  • Stats about program
    • Increased number of students attending farmers market, increased awareness, encouraged students to purchase fresh produce
    • Starting in fall 2012. Redemption rate was 56%. Spring 13 80.1% redemption.
    • Vouchers $1 each
    • Every Wed in Fall
    • What happens to vouchers if not used? Tanzi asked question last year.
      • Believes that money stays in account
  • Even if less than $500 that’s fine
    • Past quarters have been $250 to $300 to $500

Felicia, ASUCD Senator

  • Naftali’s update – money raised goes to ASUCD scholarship, only commission so far that has come forth with a promise
  • Brought supplies to advertise our promise
    • T-shirts for commissioners
  • Unified effort of UC system
  • Not really a scholarship, is an award fund, does not require GPA. Do not need to show financial need.
  • Raised $50,000 last year, which was matched by ASUCD.


  • Good publicity if we reach our goal
    • Respect
    • If we all raise $30 will reach our goal
    • Ask friends, family, environmentally likeminded people

Projects to spend money on ($2,300 to spend)

  • Shanna’s proposal, farmers market proposal
    • Andrew – Do they have other resources for funds?
    • Tiffany – whole student body has access
    • Project Compost – Noah Patterson – philanthropic group
      • Main goal is composting education
      • Composting workshops held twice every quarter
      • Start composting at more of the fraternities
        • But would require a lot of money
        • Greening the Greeks
          • Partner with project compost to provide compost workshops
          • Have some sort of competition
            • EPPC gives winning fraternity money, cookies, banner, or donate to their philanthropy
            • Maybe do something with Greeks that is more feasible in short run
  • Idea, EPPC volunteer to drive trucks, people to let people use their trucks
    • volunteers with pickup trucks to pick up compost
    • Andrew interested in helping
  • EPPC can help with creating posters for we have access to Creative Media
  • Look into fleet services to use to compost
  • Student Farm, Melissa working with
    • People can donate dollars and take compost
    • Cal Aggie Camp
      • 2 week camp over summer, help at risk youth at Sacramento
      • Environmental education and reduce waste


  • Have to wait till end of Oct
  • Have an ASUCD bonfire?

Brainstorming Action Plan

  • Composting
    • Melissa, Marissa, Amy, Naftali, Alex, Andrew, Perla
    • Naftali – invite Noel to come
    • Alex, Amy – research about composting , look online for composting containers or trucks
    • Everyone – if know any big residential places near campus, maybe can compost
    • Cal Aggie Camp
      • Andrew – sent e-mail to director
      • Interested commissioners: Ian, Alex, Andrew, and Jessie
      • Supporting CSSC convergence
        • help CSSC publicize
        • Talk to Kelly or Perla if want to hear more about CSSC
        • Fossil Free Divestment Campaign
          • need more people  involved.
          • Styrofoam Ban
            • Do we have a Styrofoam ban?
              • Perla – can get back to us about it
              • We have Styrofoam recycling, but stopped
              • Updating ASUCD bilaws
                • Ch. 17?
                  • Chapter dedicated to environmental laws
                  • Read it before next meeting.

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