Minutes 10/22/13

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10.22.13 EPPC Meeting Notes

Commissioners Present: Naftali Moed, Kelly Kong, Jessie Cheh, Melissa Gjerde, Andrew Musca, Alex Abu-Hakima, Perla Solis, Phillip Tran

Commissioners Absent: Tiffanyla Hsieh, Marissa Ayala

Members of the Public: Tanzi Jackson

Tanzi – CSSC Convergence

  • Here for CSSC
    • Put on 2 convergences every year
    • English Department, Brown, last person who knows had tents from occupy
    • Asking for $200 to help cover scholarships and travel expenses
    • $150 will be given to CSSC (After vote)

Kelly voted in as Vice Chair for fall quarter

3 Mini Groups – Special Events/Activities, Greek Greening/Compost, Cal Aggie Camp Greening

Special Events/Activities

  • Interested: Kelly, Perla, Alex, Ian

Greening the Greeks/Compost

  • Interested: Naftali, Jessie, Andrew, Melissa
  • Change the name of Greening the Greeks so can tie into other groups

Cal Aggie Camp Greening

  • Interested: Andrew, Naftali

TAPS – Meeting Update

  • Using bike boots now
  • Parking permit costs have increased
  • If interested, message Naftali to add you to the e-mail chain

Nov 1 , Calpirg clean car show – Tabling

  • Who may be available? – Jessie, Alex, Kelly
  • MU Patio

Small Wins, Big Steps Challenge

  • Possibly tie into Greening the Greeks

Promise for Education

  • If everyone in the room raises $11 we will reach our goal



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