Minutes 10/1/2013

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EPPC Notes 10-1-13


Naftali introduces self as chair, and has all other persons present introduce themselves as well

Gives overview of EPPC’s purpose and some history of commission/info about budget

Coho Waste Audits

Elaine Swiedler explains current waste audit ideas for Coho and sees out assistance

Selection of Vice Chair (To be formalized at later date when quorum is reached)

Kelly is selected as Vice Chair

EPPC Bonding $99

  • Naftali – proposes shirts and hiking
    • Informs that last year went to Crocker art museum, couldn’t find parking, went back to Davis to eat
    • How many ppl have cars? 5
      • Phillip, Jessie, Melissa, Naftali, Alex
      • How many ppl interested in hiking? 9
      • How many ppl interested in crocker art museum? 7
      • Nafatli – Make Doodle poll (Oct or early Nov)
      • Saturday or Sundays?
        • Phillip cannot do 20th weekend, or 27th
        • Perla busy second week
        • Everyone agrees that Saturday would work
        • Vote: Hike or museum – tie (6 vs 6)
        • Jessie –bonfire
          • Naftali – bonfire + pizza.
            • Can do bonfire at arboretum or Putah creek
              • Need to get approval from fire department
              • EPPC BONFIRE
                • Overall approval

Using FB

  • Everyone ok with using FB to contact each other


  • $2,300 = mini grants, commission expenses
  • $99 = commission bonding

Budget – mini grants – IDEAS

  • Naftali – wants to work with Project Compost
    • See if way to expand compost system, work on outside campus groups
    • Last year had a tree planting event
      • Because of rain, only 12 of 80 trees survived, but those left are strong.
      • Melissa – wants to support Student Farm, just started volunteering
        • Naftali – use to work there, would be great if they could bring tractors in quad, get more involved
        • Perla – support CSSC convergence
        • Naftali – inform more groups about the mini grants support more groups, commissions reach out to personal connections
        • Andrew – counselor at Cal Aggie Camp and manager of book store
          • Environmental education for the kids
          • Visitor – Cal Aggie camp director, was former senator – one of the most environmentally friendly senators
          • EPPC can maybe table at book store
          • Phillip –solid way of creating positive impact is to  educate
            • Transit fair
            • Naftali – everyone do research on something they would like to follow up, next week start working on projects
            • Marissa – Works with student Housing, tabling, get freshmen aware of EPPC and ASUCD

Ian – Collaboration with UC Workers Union

  • Environmental justice and economic justice related, some common goals
  • Blue Green Alliance,
  • Recently in contract fight with university
  • UCD forced new contract, reduced medical benefits
  • Prop 30 funded UC with millions of dollars
    • 63% of workers supported the prop
    • 99% of the workers now qualified for
    • UC student organization, new org starting

Naftali – EPPC is a way for Environmental Leaders to voice their opinions, give them a voice.

  • students will listen to us a lot more than adults/professors.  Students lobby in Sacramento, having a student say it, 10 times more powerful.

Visitor Ideas from Kabir Kapur:

  • Have an environmental chair in the different frats/sororities
  • Greening the Greeks

HW: once get link to promise, share. Think about and follow up on an idea or some else’s idea. Feel free to e-mal Naftali to brainstorm.

Next week: Action plan at next meeting. Keep the momentum.



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