Minutes 10/15/13

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10.15.13 EPPC Meeting Notes

Commissioners Present: Naftali Moed, Jessie Chen, Melissa Gjerde,  Alex Abu-Hakima, Ian Lee, Marissa Ayala, Perla Solis, Tiffany Hsieh, Kelly Kong , Phillip Tran

Commissioners Absent: Andrew Musca

Members of the Public: Amy Wang, Kabir Kapur

Farmers Market Voucher

  • Naftali – not good for EPPC to be yearly funding source for groups
  • Melissa – Is it through Davis Farmers Market?
  • EPPC has  $2,300 to give to organizations as mini green grants
  • Tiffany – propose to give $150
  • EPPC can offer to help the program
  • If interested, can possibly revise program and resubmit
  • Not sure what happened to money that was not used
  • Passed: $150 will be allocated to Farmers Market Voucher program

Naftali has meeting on Fri about TAPS

  • Potential source of involvement
  • Interested: Alex and Melissa


  • Get people to donate
  • Jessie – team up with waste reduction and recycling to make it an official educational event, possibly do it on the quad
    • Lets get fresh trash!
    • Naftali – still interested in doing waste audit if don’t raise the money
    • Bank of America will match money raised if environmental promise
    • Naftali – Promised lowered to $250

Cal Aggie Camp

  • Naftali may have meeting with director to talk about green potential

Basic compost

  • Amy, Andrew, and Melissa interested in helping


  • Change definition of waste audit 1702a3
    • Perla – can modify green offices program to work with ASUCD
    • Formalize the Waste Audit process
    • Edit B4 Davis to UC Davis campus
    • 1702A3 – when are they supposed to implement suggested programs
      • Possible timeline: check in fall quarter, give them winter quarter to fix, check in again spring quarter
      • 1702A4 – Naftali check about template
      • 1702B – possible to raise 30% requirement, add list of our no materials, add new certification equipment and rephrase recycled to post consumer
      • 1702b2 – system will block you from buying certain things based on environmental
      • What type of toilet paper do we use?
        • Look into
        • Compostable materials
        • Copying and Printing
          • Idea: Unit pays for ½ of cost of new printer with double sided printing capabilities, EPPC will cover other ½
          • Require designated area for 1 sided paper that can still be used
          • Publications and Mailing Lists
            • As back up, must print on post-consumer paper
            • Special Events
              • Funding staff to make events zero events
              • Require large events to submit waste prevention plan
              • Require a point person at special ASUCD events, approve a waste prevention plan
              • Kelly manage proposed changes of bilaws

Check into whether picnic day has sustainability coordinator/interns

Refrigerator Services

  • Only director who is paid hourly, Senate  wants to look into
  • The only office that is off campus

Sustainability Unit of Dining Services

  • Going to put on a film screening called “The Last Group”
  • Melissa – send us info through FB

Graphics for Coho or around campus

  • Get a new graphic or video to publicize waste sorting
  • Marissa interested in following up
    • Contact Elaine

Action Plan

  • Can be a google doc with set of goals
  • Mutual consensus that we should do it
  • Possible projects
    • Mass waste diversion ASUCD project

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